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Air takes out the freshness…so EVAK takes out the air. Keep your aromatic blends and other materials in their freshest state possible with Evak. SIZES: Mini - 6oz Compact - 16oz Medium - 24oz Large...
The CVault is the perfect storage container for your aromatic blends.The CVault forms an air-tight seal and uses Boveda® humidity packs, ensuring a perfect 62% relative humidity inside the chamber. If your aromatic blends are...
This key chain stash jar is perfect for discreetly storing some of your favorite herbs. It attaches conveniently to your key chain and includes threads for an air-tight seal. Made from high grade aluminum, your herbs...
These high-quality padded zipper cases are designed to fit your favorite glass pipes (Can up to 6" pipes). Available in an array of colors, you will not be disappointed with your new on-the-go case! Choice...
marley natural container marley natural container
$49.99 $52.00
The Marley Natural American Black Walnut Case is a classic essential for your ground material. With its tasteful, soft-edged design, this unique case offers compartments for your Marley Taster, igniter, and aromatic blends. Take it...
Hidden Storage Stash Can Hidden Storage Stash Can
Keep you stash securely hidden with our Soft Drink Themed Hidden Stash Can and Smell-Proof Bag combo. It comes with in your choice of "Flavor" with 3x smell-proof, reusable Mylar bags. Made out of a recycled Soda can,...
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