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The Itty Bitty Fritty Glass Pipe: Don’t let its size fool you!  This is the perfect little weed pipe to take everywhere you go! Hand Made in the USA.
The Granitized Glass Pipe series is named after the swirly, abstract and colorful stone that graces so much of our daily lives. Much like its attractive geologic namesake, the Granitized pipe decoration features a base...
The Roots Glass Pipe is a straight forward daily driver for on the go. Slim and Compact, the Roots fits in 99% of all protective pouches or slips nicely into a jeans pocket. Available on...
The Cheshire Cat Glow In The Dark Glass marijuana pipe is our interpretation of Carrolls’ mischievous character from Wonderland. The head is coil potted with pink and purple to create a swirled pattern backdrop highlighting the...
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