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This Bubble Style Carb Cap was designed to be compatible with all types of bangers. The universal, spherical carb cap fits seamlessly on top of your dome or banger - ensuring that no vapor escapes...
Go ahead – dab in style!  Now you can pick up your extract and take dabs without making a mess. And when you’re taking a dab break, this super cute mini glass accessory sits flat...
This pickaxe themed dabber looks so real that you may be inclined to start mining, but digging aside, this pickaxe is made of sturdy worked glass and is solely intended for scooping up your dabs....
If your dab rig needs a little boost, here you go!  The EMPIRE GLASSWORKS Shield Potion Carb Cap is easy to use and will set all your future hits apart from the rest.  The small...
Launch Pad Carb Cap Launch Pad Carb Cap
When you simply need better airflow for your rig, the EMPIRE GLASSWORKS Launch Pad Carb Cap delivers. The wide 2” diameter keeps all your vapor inside your rig and nail until you’re ready, and the...
UFO Carb Cap by Higher Standards UFO Carb Cap by Higher Standards
$8.99 $9.99
This Higher Standards Carb Cap is a perfect OEM replacement for your Heavy Duty Dab Rig or Riggler, and works with most flat top banger nails. This piece features sleek and clean clear glass that allows you...
Peak Ball Cap & Tether by Puffco
The Puffco Peak Ball Cap is a borosilicate glass cap which creates the perfect amount of directional airflow - allowing you to get every last drop of oil as you steer it around the bowl. The...
Bubble Carb Cap Bubble Carb Cap
Reacher Dabber Reacher Dabber
Only a company like LavaTech could come up with a dabbing tool that meets all of your dabbing needs.  Reaching a full 6” in length, this tool is long enough to provide the perfect distance...
Quartz 2-in-1 Sidearm Carb Cap and Dabber by HighToyz Quartz 2-in-1 Sidearm Carb Cap and Dabber by HighToyz
It’s time to dial your dabbing experience up a notch! Crafted from clean, high-grade quartz, the 2-in-1 Side Arm Carb Cap Dabber leaves zero trace of metallic. The high-quality quartz also does a masterful job...
Detachable Titanium Carb Cap/Dabber Detachable Titanium Carb Cap/Dabber
This titanium carb cap/dabber is a convenient, high-caliber tool which turns two accessories into one. The dabber unscrews from the carb cap which allows you to load up your concentrates and get the absolute most...
Metal Dabber Metal Dabber
Wish you had more options with your dabber?  Well here it is – The LAVATECH Standard Double-Sided Dabber!  Constructed from stainless steel for long lasting durability, this dab tool comes with 2 different styled ends...
narwhal dabber narwhal dabber
Sick of using various household items to grab your dab?  Now you can use the long horn of the narwhal themed dab tool to collect your concentrate! The body of this beautiful whale themed tool...
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