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Bong Caps by Resolution Bong Caps by Resolution
Resolution Caps allow you to universally stretch and seal for an airtight fit over glass water pipes, steamrollers and other glass accessories.This helps for an excessively fast cleaning process. Res Caps are also Ideal for...
6" Bong with bowl style body  Wired shower  1" Diameter mouth 2.6" Diameter base  14mm male Bowl Color tube  Weight 224-226 grams  All of our product is handmade  Compatible for 14mm male banger
6" Bong R4 Bent Neck .75" Diameter colored mouth  3" base  Easy to clean Double prec  Weight 224-226 grams 14mm male glass bowl included  All of our product is handmade
8" Bong with Color tube Neck and Dots  1 " Diameter color mouth 3" base Color  14mm male glass bowl  Easy to clean Weight 222-224 grams All of our product is handmade
10" Bong Color tube Conical and neck with metrix shower 1.7" Diameter color mouth 4" base Color 18mm male glass bowl Easy to clean Weight 380-381grams All of our product is handmade Compatible foe 18mm...
Sometimes our lives need a reset - and there is absolutely nothing wrong with going back to basics. An intricate bong with a whole lot of bells and whistles is nice, but so is Nucleus’s...
Silicone Straight Tube Bongs Silicone Straight Tube Bongs
Its revolutionary silicone construct has transformed everyone’s favorite water pipe from an accident waiting to happen, into one of the sturdiest and most portable bongs ever imagined.  Made of food grade silicone, it’s dishwasher safe...
8" Dolphin style recycler water pipe with color tube.
This bamboo water pipe is indeed "the Big Kahuna"! Hand made in California from a 14" piece of natural bamboo, it has a borosilicate glass downstem and bowl. Features a translucent finish available in 3...
Raked Tiger Stripe Accented Beaker Bong Raked Tiger Stripe Accented Beaker Bong
What a beast! This tiger-striped beaker is made with thick clear glass and delivers an irresistibly dense cloud. Its rubber grommet joint connects to its clear glass downstem (the 45-degree joint is protected by the...
Gravity Bong by GRAV Labs Gravity Bong by GRAV Labs
The GRAV Gravitron - 11" perfects the highly potent rips of a gravity bong with the first all-glass gravity smoking system. The outer base is designed to be filled with 8" of water. FEATURES 11"...
We all love a beaker style bong – especially one that looks as good as this one. Complete with a flared mouthpiece for a comfortable and airtight seal each time you inhale. That’s not all...
Tall Silicone Beakern Bong by Eyce Tall Silicone Beakern Bong by Eyce
Crafted from indestructible silicone and borosilicate glass, The Eyce Beaker sports an ultra-functional design and extreme durability. The lid doubles as a pad for working with your ground material while a magnetic ring keeps anything...
Bent Neck Matrix Perc Bong w/ Black Accents Bent Neck Matrix Perc Bong w/ Black Accents
Bent neck water pipes tend to be very underrated. A defining quality of the bent neck is its unique curvature. The curvature puts more distance between you and the flame as compared to a traditional...
Diamond Glass 8" Basic Beaker Bong in Purple Diamond Glass 8" Basic Beaker Bong in Purple
Small & mighty is what this bong could be called – with its small stature that packs a mighty punch. The mouthpiece is available in your choice of 4 accent colors and the tube features...
Cache Mini Bong by MJ Arsenal Cache Mini Bong by MJ Arsenal
$79.99 $89.00
The MJA team has wanted to introduce a flower focused offering for quite some time. The one thing we did NOT want to do was offer more of the same. Inspired by a several hundred...
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