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Air Silicone Skin by Arizer Air Silicone Skin by Arizer
Give your Arizer Air an added layer of protection with the Arizer Silicone Skin. For Arizer Air Protective Silicone Skin
The new Solo Charging Dock from Arizer allows you to conveniently charge your Solo portable vaporizer. And since the latest versions of the Solo feature pass-through technology, you can vape while it's charging on the...
ARIZER GLASS STIR TOOL Hand Blown Glass Stir Tool made by Arizer. Can be used with any vaporizer to stir aromatic blends between sessions. Colors vary. WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1x Arizer Glass Stir Tool...
ARIZER GLASS CYCLONE BOWL Replacement Glass Cyclone Bowl with black cool-touch topper. The Cyclone Bowl features 18mm ground glass on both ends for an easy connection between the Arizer Extreme Q or V-Tower, and Elbow...
ABOUT THE ARIZER AIR II VAPORIZER The Arizer Air II Vaporizer offers excellence without gimmicks. An upgrade of the original Air, this powerful portable vape now features a 50% higher capacity battery and an even...
ARIZER GLASS ELBOW ADAPTER This is an original manufacturer's part for a guaranteed perfect fit every time. Made using only the highest quality materials to ensure a smooth, clean vapor. Glass Elbow Adapter is intended...
Argo Glass Tube by Arizer
$8.99 $9.99
The Arizer ArGo Glass Tube is an original equipment manufacturer accessory made specifically for the Arizer ArGo Vaporizer. This borosilicate glass tube helps cool your vapor by extending the vapor path from the device to...
Air Aroma Tube (All Glass) by Arizer
$8.99 $9.99
This is a 70mm glass mouthpiece stem for the Arizer Air, with a built-in glass screen. Designed For Arizer Air Durable Borosilicate Glass Built-In Glass Screen OEM Arizer Product
Solo II Vaporizer by Arizer Solo II Vaporizer by Arizer
$224.99 $249.99
The return of the king! The legendary Arizer Solo II is back with a faster heat-up time, improved airflow, and up to 20 uses per charge! With more efficient power usage the Arizer Solo II...
Air II USB Charger / Power Adapter by Arizer
$28.99 $29.99
Charge your Arizer Air II from the wall, or your computer! For use with the Arizer Air II   WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1 x Arizer Air II USB Charger / Power Adapter
Air Aroma Tube w/ Mouthpiece by Arizer
$10.49 $11.49
Durable Borosilicate glass keeps your flavor transfer on point while the integrated glass screen keeps your flowers in the oven. Designed For Arizer Air 70mm glass Mouthpiece Built-In Glass Screen OEM Arizer Product
Stem Caps (4 Pack) by Arizer
$4.50 $4.99
Mouthpiece Cap Arizer Air Stem Cap - 4 Pack
Air Car Charger by Arizer
$22.99 $24.99
Keep your Arizer Air battery charged in your automobile. 5V output Car Charger plugs directly into Arizer Air. Designed For Arizer Air Arizer Product
Air Dual Battery Charger by Arizer
$40.99 $44.99
Replacement or extra Dual battery Charger to keep your Air's batteries charged and ready for use. Plug Dual Charger into outlet to charge batteries outside of unit. For Arizer Air Charge 2 batteries at once...
Air Replacement Battery by Arizer
$17.99 $18.99
Simply a replacement battery for the Arizer Air Vaporizer. For the Arizer Air OEM Arizer Product
Solo II Vaporizer Wall Charger by Arizer Solo II Vaporizer Wall Charger by Arizer
$26.99 $29.99
This is the Arizer Solo II Wall Charger for the Arizer Solo II Vaporizer. This OEM charger is the same included with the unit upon purchase. The Arizer Solo II Wall Charger plugs into AC...
Argo Vaporizer by Arizer Argo Vaporizer by Arizer
$244.99 $269.99
Engineered with convection heating and built with a ceramic, glass and stainless steel air path, the ArGo delivers optimal vapor; this specific heating protects the integrity and flavor of your dry herb, delivering dense, flavorful...
Air II Vaporizer by Arizer Air II Vaporizer by Arizer
$219.99 $239.99
Arizer Air II features a 50% higher capacity battery and even faster heat up time than its predecessor, the Original Arizer Air Vaporizer. Custom session settings allow you to choose the right temperature based on...
Air Vaporizer by Arizer Air Vaporizer by Arizer
$164.99 $179.99
The Air is a powerful, efficient, and ultra-compact portable vaporizer, featuring a high quality ceramic heating element, glass stems, and interchangeable Lithium-ion batteries. Offering an hour of use per charge, the ability to use while...
Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer
$179.99 $199.99
The Extreme Q, by Canadian manufacturer Arizer, is a multi-functional, feature-rich, tabletop vaporizer. For efficient and user-friendly functionality, few vaporizers can compete with the Extreme Q. This "jack-of-all-trades" vaporizer produces superior vapor quality, whether delivered...
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