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3" Helix™ Chillum made on 19mm tubing with taster head, colored roll stop, Venturi chamber mouthpiece, and air filtration to cool and spin smoke. FEATURES Borosilicate Glass
Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller by Marley Natural Natural Glass & Walnut Steamroller by Marley Natural
$64.99 $72.00
Balancing a refined aesthetic with classic form, the Steamroller is the ideal day-to-day smoking companion piece. Combining hand-blown borosilicate glass with a rounded black walnut wood mouthpiece, this handheld pipe is designed to deliver an...
These 4 inch Sherlocks, presented by Grav Labs, come in a variety of colors. Unlike some other manufacturers, Grav Labs does not cut corners in production to lower their costs and so you can rest...
Grav labs Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler Grav labs Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler
$269.99 $299.99
When it comes to pipe design, structural integrity and foundation are most important.  The Arcline series from GRAV is made to weather frequent use for even the most avid smokers. It's beautiful and unique design...
Portable, efficient and elegant, the Marley Natural Glass & American Black Walnut Taster is an excellent companion for any occasion. The precisely designed form is finished with natural carnauba wax. Detachable parts allow for an...
The Pyptek Prometheus Nano Pipe is a modernized chillum-style glass pipe with an aircraft-grade anodized aluminum shell. Combining the stealth and portability of the familiar one-hitter design with the strength and smoke quality of the...
Measuring a mere 2.5" long, this pipe is the perfect travel buddy. The GlassToyz mini pipe is made entirely out of clear glass and features colored accents which run throughout the entire pipe (Colors are...
Always leaving your glass bubbler at home for fear of breaking it? Do you prefer the taste of a glass bowl but live a super active lifestyle? The new unbreakable Eyce Bubbler has you covered....
The Animal Glass Hand Pipe is a one-of-kind glass pipe from The Source of All. These glass pipes are available in a bird and alligator shape. They function just like your typical hand pipes except they...
When you wake up, which one comes first - the wake-and-bake, or the morning coffee? Truth is, it doesn’t matter anymore! Thanks to Nucleus’s brilliant Pipe Mug, your mornings just got a hell of a...
This is the mini 5" steamroller from Grav Labs. This glass hand pipe is hand blown from 19mm clear tubing. Features feet for a sturdy stand, built-in ashcatcher to keep your mouth ash free, and...
Higher Standards produced one of the most stylish dry herb accessories to date with their Glass Taster. This ultra-portable taster is constructed from borosilicate glass to ensure durability and flavor; the inert nature of borosilicate...
Empire Glassworks - Alien Themed Hand Pipe with Slyme Accents Empire Glassworks - Alien Themed Hand Pipe with Slyme Accents
A little bit dark and ominous looking, a lot unique and cool, is what users are saying about this alien themed hand pipe.  This navy glass piece has black and clear raised nubs that not...
empire glassworks small penis pipe empire glassworks small penis pipe
As they say, size isn't everything. Just like Empire Glassworks’s Large Penis Pipe did, their Small Penis Pipe (aka SPP) gets the job done. They also say that great things come in small ‘packages’, and...
Empire Glassworks - HoneyPot Hand Pipe Empire Glassworks - HoneyPot Hand Pipe
Featuring an assortment of vibrant colors and designs, intricate leaves, detailed glass honeybees, and a handcrafted honeycomb design, this hand pipe is nothing other than a piece of art! Empire Glassworks is known for creating...
empire glassworks large penis pipe empire glassworks large penis pipe
$54.99 $59.99
As they say, size isn't everything. If you thought Empire Glassworks’s Small Penis Pipe was good, just wait until you smoke the Large Penis Pipe (aka LPP). It definitely gets the job done. The LPP cums...
Grav Sherlock Pipe in White Grav Sherlock Pipe in White
The Grav Labs 6" Sherlock are the new standard in hand held smoking pipes. Made on heavy wall glass, they are extremely durable, built for travel and feature Grav Labs inverted cone ash catcher mouthpiece....
Large 420 Pipe Mug Large 420 Pipe Mug
Jane West Steamroller by GRAV Labs
Don’t let the fun-size fool you, The Steamroller will deliver huge tokes. This pipe is decked out with a bowl and holes on both ends: one hole operates as the mouthpiece, while the hole closer...
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