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Higher Standards Riggler Set Higher Standards Riggler Set
$134.99 $149.99
The Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler is engineered for advanced, portable water filtration of your dry herb and concentrates. This dual-use innovation features a 7 mm thick, medical-grade borosilicate glass construction. Designed with a fixed...
This Rick and Morty Bong from our novelties collections stand at 7 inches tall and features a baby Rick head on top of a small beaker base. a 90-degree utilizes a 10mm male glass bowl....
Luckily, this is one of the most discreet pieces money can buy. Luck is a stylish My Bud Vase combination of a matching blue and white porcelain vase, stash container and coaster.  She also comes...
"Stardust" Water Pipe "Stardust" Water Pipe
$189.99 $199.99
Unique, classy and beautiful. The Stardust by My Bud Vase is everything you could ever want in fancy decanter which doubles as one hell of a bong. This thick textured glass decanter features hand-painted gold...
Tall Silicone Beakern Bong by Eyce Tall Silicone Beakern Bong by Eyce
Crafted from indestructible silicone and borosilicate glass, The Eyce Beaker sports an ultra-functional design and extreme durability. The lid doubles as a pad for working with your ground material while a magnetic ring keeps anything...
hook line and sinker heady dab rig hook line and sinker heady dab rig
$1,279.99 $1,299.00
Fishing for a new dab rig to add to your glass collection? Say no more because this one-of-a-kind heady water pipe collaboration (Zink x Munkey) is god-like. This fishing-themed water pipe features a worked glass...
Upright Bubbler with Showerhead Downstem Upright Bubbler with Showerhead Downstem
This Bubbler is built to be the economy class go-to table top piece from Grav Labs. Following the same form as the two smaller bubbler designs, this pipe has a fixed downstem that has four...
upline bong by grav labs upline bong by grav labs
O.G. Upline Water Pipe 
Gravity Bong by GRAV Labs Gravity Bong by GRAV Labs
The GRAV Gravitron - 11" perfects the highly potent rips of a gravity bong with the first all-glass gravity smoking system. The outer base is designed to be filled with 8" of water. FEATURES 11"...
Grav Labs has redesigned all of their standard water pipes to have a lower water line and a better pull. This round bottom design is another scientific style that Grav Labs has not offered before....
Heady Gremlin Dab Rig w/ Horn Accent by Zink There is no shortage of weirdness and creativity when it comes to Zink. This worked glass pipe features a spooky slyme-green creature which lives in the chamber and...
Goblin Heady Dab Rig w/ Horn Accents by Zink There is nothing as random as Zink's heady goblin-themed dab rig. This water pipe's chamber features a demonic goblin head which also happens to be this...
Peak Travel Glass by Puffco for Portable Dabbing Puffco has once again raised the bar for portable dabbing with their latest development: Travel Glass.  Travel glass is a spill proof, break resistant replacement for the original...
5.5" Mini Inverted Restriction Beaker Rig By Nucleus 5.5" Mini Inverted Restriction Beaker Rig By Nucleus
$25.99 $35.99
Nucleus's Mini Inverted Restriction Beaker Rig was made for dabbers from all walks of life - whether it be for on-the-go or stay at home, this mini is perfect for you. It fits right in your pocket...
Nucleus Glass Clear Bong Nucleus Glass Clear Bong
This water pipe was carefully designed with a scientific beaker shape at the bottom of the neck which holds the first three of the four UFO percs. Easy to clean and hard to knock over,...
Bent Neck Matrix Perc Bong w/ Black Accents Bent Neck Matrix Perc Bong w/ Black Accents
Bent neck water pipes tend to be very underrated. A defining quality of the bent neck is its unique curvature. The curvature puts more distance between you and the flame as compared to a traditional...
Silicone Straight Tube Bongs Silicone Straight Tube Bongs
Its revolutionary silicone construct has transformed everyone’s favorite water pipe from an accident waiting to happen, into one of the sturdiest and most portable bongs ever imagined.  Made of food grade silicone, it’s dishwasher safe...
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