For those who’ve ever smoked weed from a glass pipe, you’ve likely seen the black, muddy gunk which collects inside. This substance is known as “resin”. What is resin? Resin is the excess residue that gets left behind from smoking cannabis flower. Resin happens to be the name for the muddy gunk which collects in a bong, bowl or any other glass pipe from smoking flower. However, for dab rigs and concentrates, there is another name for it. It’s called reclaim.

What is reclaim?
Reclaim is the substance which collects inside of a dab rig after continued use. Unlike resin, reclaim is a yellow-goldish brown. It’s sticky and it can be very annoying for those who choose not to “recycle” reclaim.

More specifically, reclaim refers to the residual substance which is derived from smoking concentrate; it collects in a dab rig just as resin collects in a bong. Think of it as the cold solid that remains from the hot oily liquid. You’ll notice that reclaim begins to coat the walls and base of your dab rig, as well as the dropdown. Seeing as cannabis extracts are oils, and knowing that oil and water do not mix, reclaim often collects in the water in the form of an oily residue-like substance.

Can I smoke reclaim?
You can do whatever you wish. The real question here is, “should you smoke reclaim?” This is one of those loaded questions as there are many variables to take into consideration - and it can even be a matter of one’s opinion and preferences.

Is reclaim safe to consume? We preface this by saying that the inhalation of any type of smoke or combusted materials/substances is not healthy or safe. However, relatively speaking, yes - reclaim is just as “safe” to smoke as is resin.

A good rule of thumb is if the concentrate you used to dab was high quality before it was consumed, the leftovers (aka reclaim) will be high quality too.

Chances are, there is a very strong likelihood that you will get high from it. Lab test results have indicated that even reclaim contains all five main active cannabinoids as well as high levels of cannabinol (CBD).

While you can get high from smoking reclaim, it’s not optimal. The taste is inferior compared to smoking fresh concentrate; and sometimes, there is no taste at all. There is rarely a scent to it and it looks pretty nasty. Not to mention, smoking reclaim isn’t the most enjoyable experience. Why not? Well, reclaim tends to hit much harsher than fresh dab. Think of reclaim and resin as the “sloppy seconds”. Even reclaim which is left over from even the highest quality concentrates will still have a pretty gross taste - as the terpenes were torched away during your dab sesh.

How do I collect reclaim from my dab rig?
There is more than one way to skin a cat. In this case, you have two methods to choose from - both of which are pretty simple!

The first way is a manual job. First, pour out the water from your rig into a plastic cup or bowl. Once all the water has been emptied out, start picking the little clumps of reclaim out of the water. Chances are, there won’t be much. Most of it will still be stuck inside your dab rig. Not too effective, huh?

The second way to collect reclaim is to melt it out. For this, you’ll need a torch and some wax paper. Here’s what you need to do:

First, pour the water out of your rig
Let it dry completely (as you don’t want any water in your reclaim)
Next, remove the banger, holding the dropdown (whichever connector you have) over the wax paper.
Now torch the reclaim until it begins to liquify. It’ll start to drip onto the wax paper. Be careful not to let it get too hot because you don’t want to burn away the remaining cannabinoids from the reclaim.
And voilà, you have collected your reclaim most effectively.

Now that you know your ABC’s, regarding reclaim that is, get out there and start collecting some for yourself!

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